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Successful for over 30 years – with our specially developed cleaning system for gluing units, we have set ourselves apart from the market as a strong partner. In addition to cleaning and repairing roller applicators from popular brands such as Homag, IMA or Brandt, our repertoire also includes the maintenance of nozzle units from Nordson, Robatech, HHS, Balti etc. We have the right solution and the quality expertise for your tasks.

Complete disassembly (individual)

Cleaning of all components

Inspection of all mechanical components*

Checking electrical system for function*

Replacement of defective components*

Coating or painting

Complete assembly

Function test & test report*

and electrical check.


Over time, the machines lose their efficiency due to natural wear and tear. We clean them so that they can be used efficiently for many more years.


Adhesive residues on the unit slow down work, reduce the quality of the the quality of the products and can lead to machine downtime.

Aluminium painting

Our technicians clean the units and remove even the most stubborn dirt. This improves the quality and, among other things, the glue line.


As an option, a high-quality Teflon coating can be applied to the unit. This allows the cleaning cycle to be extended. In combination with a preheating and cleaning table, this coating enables rough but independent cleaning!

Our cleaning method

Our specially developed cleaning process has proven itself a thousand times over. We clean and repair all types of gluing parts, whether they are roller applicators from Homag*, IMA*, Brandt* etc., whether you apply your glue to the workpiece using a nozzle applicator from UES*, Nordson*, Robatech*, HHS* etc., we have the solution and the quality expertise.

Regular maintenance, servicing and cleaning are important to ensure trouble-free processes and production sequences. It forms the basis for high availability of your production systems by minimizing downtime and thus saving costs.

In order to minimize or eliminate downtimes, we offer you preventive maintenance. A regular service of the highest quality that pays off. We check your system/unit mechanically, electrically and pneumatically and can therefore identify at an early stage which components need to be replaced, thus guaranteeing a trouble-free production process and optimum processing conditions.

This gives you the advantage of being able to include maintenance and repair work in your production planning in good time.

Furthermore, we also offer you immediate repairs in the event of machine failure or planned maintenance during vacation periods, weekends or when changing the aggregate.

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