Fe-Ma-Tech Manual Edge Banding Machine


The hand-held edge banding tool, HKA for short, with glue applicator has been specially developed for stationary applications in assembly work.

  • Suitable for straight workpieces and molded parts
  • for variable edge heights up to 60 mm and edge
  • thicknesses up to 3 mm
    suitable for continuous use and multi-shift operation thanks to its robust design

Use cases

The device contains a three-phase drive which is infinitely variable via an external control unit. This allows the working speed to be adapted to the operator and the workpiece. Temperatures, speed, direction of rotation, workplace lighting and optional extraction preparation can be set via the external control unit. With the help of a suspension, which is fixed to a swivel-mounted gallows, the device can assume the appropriate working height. Workplace lighting, which is fixed above the HKA, ensures good visibility at all times.